Michael Davies Architecture

Victoria Park Pool

In 1996 Michael Davies Architecture were commissioned to prepare a master plan for the total upgrade of the centre. The planning process involved extensive consultation with the then City of South Sydney Council and input from the community and users to determine the final mix of facilities to be provided. The existing building was of early modernist style and had ample area for internal expansion due to the size of the existing change rooms.

The resulting extensive refurbishment and upgrade work was completed in early 1998 providing an exciting, vibrant and colourful community facility.

Extensive new areas of glazing have opened up the building to both the park and the pool. The building entry lobby incorporates a new freestanding circular counter and shop. From the lobby a new glazed walkway provides access to the change rooms, gymnasium and cafe and allows the entire building to open up onto the external terrace.
The 70 seat cafe spills out onto the north facing terrace allowing diners a view over the pools. A new kiosk also serves Victoria Park patrons.

Michael Davies Architecture were commissioned for Stage 2 of the project, involving the provision of suspended external fabricshade structures.