Mudgee Southbank Library

Mid-Western Regional Council planned to redevelop and expand Mudgee Library. The library was too small to adequately provide for the needs of the community or meet the funding criteria established by the State Library of New South Wales.

Michael Davies Architecture was selected to provide design options for the redeveloped library. The redeveloped library would provide increased space for users, collections and staff as well as comply with the State Library of New South Wales guidelines.

This option expands the Town Hall building to the north and east on two levels, demolishing the existing outdoor public toilets in the process. This provides the required additional space for the library, the new access to the theatre and the replacement for the external public toilets demolished to make way for the expansion.

In the process of expanding the building we must necessarily narrow the laneway along its eastern flank to an overall width of 2.4 metres for most of its length.

This makes it fairly narrow and although there are no nooks or crannies in which people might lurk, people may be afraid to use it at night. In the event this option should be selected, Council should consult the NSW Police Service on potential “Safety By Design” issues.

Our concept locates most of the public areas of the library on the ground floor with the staff work room and some public area on the first floor. The existing three levels on the ground floor have been rationalised to one and the existing toilets reworked to provide a complying disabled toilet.

The existing steel fire escape stair on the east side of the Town Hall would be demolished and replaced by new main entrance to the library with an elegant new access to the theatre above would be provided via a glazed covered foyer and stair. A new machine room-less roped traction lift with stops at the ground, theatre seating and foyer/upper library levels would also be provided. New external public toilets are also provided to replace those demolished.