Michael Davies Architecture

Mount Annan Leisure Centre

Community Focus: Mount Annan Leisure Centre has been designed to create a strong sense of community focus whilst providing for the recreational and leisure needs of the young families who predominate in this fast growing urban release area. The centre nonetheless seeks to provide for the whole community and equitable access for all mobility levels was fundamental to the design.

Design Flexibility: The facility has been designed to be as flexible as possible to allow for changing and developing community needs, by provision of multipurpose rather than dedicated spaces. This approach also allows the provision of community services to be extended as the population increases and community needs dictate. The centre provides water spaces which accommodate 400,000 user visits per annum catering for anticipated growth and ensuring its relevance and viability for the whole of the anticipated 40 year life cycle.

The site is located on the corner of two major roads providing access to Camden and Narellan. The site is also bounded by a pathway which links Mount Annan and Currans Hill via a pedestrian overpass over Narellan Road. The site falls approximately 11 metres overall and relatively gently from the eastern corner to the headwall adjacent the curving northwestern boundary. The Stage 1 building functions have been zoned from west to east as aquatic facilities, dry exercise facilities and multipurpose activities, with the Stage 2 multipurpose hall in the east. Each of these zones is able to be subdivided according to the likely need for independent access, control and use. With the exception of the aquatic zone, the whole of the building was designed to allow flexibility and multipurpose use so that the facility will remain viable and relevant to changing community needs. The facilities provided include a creche, youth centre, kiosk, gymnasium, multipurpose space, 25 metre pool, programme pool, free form leisure pool with slide, and spa and sauna facilities.