Kogarah Car Park

For this project, we were required to provide a number of development options for the design of this major car parking facility at Kogarah Railway Station. On the border between Rockdale and Kogarah local government areas, a significant amount of liaison between these two Councils and the Department of Transport was required. Architectural documentation and construction stage services were also provided.

The site for the proposed car park was a difficult one, although a suitable one for a commuter car park serving an operational railway station. Adjacent to existing railway lines, construction needed to be carried out with minimal impact on the operation of the rail network.

The design makes a positive contribution to the architectural character of the Kogarah Business District and Station Street in particular. The helical ramp provides an efficient means of entry to the seven parking levels whilst creating a sculptural element in the streetscape.

The innovative external treatment of the car park has been designed to provide an elegant and interesting street frontage to Station Street and to provide a high quality design emphasis for the project. The single helical ramp system has been designed to cantilever from a central core, with no visible columns. The central core element will be painted and also treated with an anti graffiti coating.

The open car park decks are clad in a panelised system incorporating various sizes of perforated clear anodised aluminium sheet. The perforations are required to provide a view into the facility, to enhance user security, to provide natural ventilation and to alleviate light spill.

The Premier of New South Wales, the Honourable Bob Carr MP, officially opened the car park in August 2002.