Cabarita and Kissing Point wharves

The project consists of two wharves for the NSW Department of Transport, located on Parramatta River at Cabarita and Kissing Point. Each wharf was designed to be as unobtrusive as possible but still support the anticipated passenger numbers. The edges of the jetty present a fine line with single supporting piers recessed below and generally in shadow. The shelters above are light and ‘float’ above the deck with glazed walls to protect against the weather. An extremely limited palette relying on natural materials appropriate to the harsh marine environment has been used.

Both wharves sit comfortably against the backdrop of expansive and leafy parkland areas. The land-based facilities associated with the wharves are integrated into the parkland and nestled into the vegetation. The structure of each wharf is light, open, elegant, uncomplicated and somewhat nautical in character.

They provide a positive scenic effect, reinforcing the maritime character of each site. Further, they introduce a new opportunity for local residents to enjoy the river travel, enhancing the existing public transport system in the area.

The wharf facilities comprise four elements:

a fixed, open concrete jetty extending from the high-water mark to the waiting area

an enclosed waiting area located to take advantage of views and to face oncoming ferries travelling to and from the city

a concrete and fibreglass floating pontoon which slides up and down retaining piles with the tide and

a covered swing ramp connecting the waiting area to the floating pontoon. The design has reduced the forms to the barest most cost effective essentials.

Low maintenance in the highly corrosive environment was a priority in the selection of materials and finishes.